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Fall 2019 to Spring 2020 Calendar

Fall 2019
Date(s) Events
August 26Fall classes begin
September 5Honors Orientation, 11:45 AM (Comenius 309)
October 4 (Midterm)Next year's Spring–Fall Honors Early Application deadline
October 16-22Conferences
October 28Honors Coffee, 4 PM (PPHAC Atrium)
December 6 Next year's Spring-Fall Honors Application Final Deadline
Spring 2020
Date(s) Events
January 20Spring classes begin
January 27-31Designers, candidates, and advisors meet to discuss poster
Candidates submit poster materials to designers
February 3-7Second Conferences, Examination panel nominations due
February 24Deadline for self-designed posters to be sent electronically to Honors chair
February 24-28Designers prepare and submit proofs to candidates and advisors for approval
Designers make requested changes and, if requested, get approval of second proof 
February 24-28Studio South prints posters
February 28 (Midterm) Next year's Fall–Spring Honors Early Application deadline
March 9Mount posters in HUB, 4 PM
March 1212-1 PM, present posters
April 9Final draft of thesis due to examination panel members by 4 PM
April 14Honors Banquet, 5:30-7 PM, HUB Pavilion (Canceled)
April 15-24Oral Examinations
May 1Next year's Fall–Spring Honors Application Final Deadline
May 6Final thesis due to Honors chair, 4 PM